Filmmaking is a complex process, involving many different people with many different ideas. For me, directing means to filter these ideas to a collective creative vision and to make everybody work at her or his full potential. I believe that trust and communication is the key to successful and professional filmmaking.


Since 2013, I've directed and produced various films, ranging from corporate to documentary and drama.

13 Days to Adelaide

Short film // Swinburne University, Synesthesia Pictures // November 2015

Writer/Director: Paul Bullinger

Director of Photography: Ryan Chatfield

Producer: Samuel Louis Hicks, Amy Rockman, Paul Bullinger

We made it! 13 Days to Adelaide is now an internationally awarded short film!

We are flattered and pretty darn proud to announce that 13 Days to Adelaide got awarded a Gold Remi for College Level Student Productions at Worldfest Houston 2016. It was our first big production and it's an awesome feeling to get rewarded for the hard work. A huge thank you to everyone who made this possible! After all, it was your passion, your ideas, your work and yes, your money that brought us here.

For recently engaged couple Anne and Gabriel, a camper van trip becomes the biggest challenge for their relationship. Trapped in the confined space of the camper, long hidden doubts come to the surface: Does Gabriel really want to marry Anne or is she just a replacement for his ex? Anne sees no other option than to confront him, although that might mean the end of the relationship. Will it survive the remaining 13 days to Adelaide?


We shot 13 Days to Adelaide mid-October on an Arriflex 16mm. It was a very intimate shoot, with a great cast and crew and a very. . . cosy camper van. We kneeled down, crawled on the floor and hid behind seats and kitchen counters to get crystal clear sound, the exactly right sunbeams on Anne's face and the perfect camera angles. At the end, it paid off. We had two amazing actors and are very happy with the result!

Bloods - Boys Like You

Music Video // Ryan Chatfield // November 2015

Writer/Director: Ryan Chatfield

Producer: Paul Bullinger

13 Days to Adelaide wasn't our only production awarded at Worldfest. Our music video Boys Like You for the Sydney based band Bloods received a Silver Remi in the section Rock/R&R (Music Video). Thank you and congratulations to director Ryan Chatfield!

Hi5 Promo Video

Promo video // Travelers Autobarn // November 2015

Director: Paul Bullinger

Director of Photography: Ryan Chatfield

Two Wrinkled Hands

Short documentary // Swinburne University, Synesthesia Pictures // June 2015

Two wrinkled hands clasping a cup /
a lifetime of memories on which to sup.

When he got diagnosed with parkinson in 2008, Ross Mabey began to write poetry.
About himself, about life, about getting old.

In "Two Wrinkled Hands" he gives us an honest and empathetic
reflection on what it means when the "river of life is coming to an end".

Mach mal anders! (Do it differenty!)

Short documentary for an anthology film // Berlin University of the Arts // January 2014