Film Stills

Here is a collection of film stills and behind the scenes I took at various film sets. If you're interested in my work or want to book me for your film shoot, please contact Since I'm still starting out, I'm happy to cover your film shoot for free.

Civil Expectations

Music Video // Director: Zara Sengstock


Civil Expectations was the first time I created a look for all the production stills. We shot on a very sunny and partly cloudy day, which gave us this amazing sky. The music video is set in a 50s garden party, so I decided to go with a grainy, desaturated look. I slightly overexposed the highlights and pulled down the overall exposure. This way, I got the bright and hard sunlight with and a dramatic sky at the same time. To get a bit of a sepia look, I increased the color temperature and gave the greens a more yellowish tint. Finally, I pushed the saturation of the yellows to get the golden look of dry grass.



Short film // Director: Darcy Conlan

A couple of weeks before Somniloquy, our cinematography teacher talked about film vs digital and how many photographers used their camera like a machine gun. I thought about St Elmo and I decided to use a different strategy for Somniloquy. I always had two lenses with me, Knew what was going to happen in the scene, framed and waited for the right moment to click. On one day, I only took six photos; but they contained two of my favorite films stills so far.

St Elmo

Short film // Director: Emily Dynes

St Elmo was my first professional set as a stills photographer. I knew enough about framing but was pretty new to photography, so I just took my camera and tried to find the best spots to take my photos from. Sometimes, that meant to climb several meters up a rock, but it got me some of my favorite photos. Shooting in jpg and raw, there was a day when I took more than 1000 photos. Something I will never do again.